Friday, April 24, 2009

Sea Bass in Parchment Paper

I spotted this recipe in this months Gourmet Magazine as I was getting my hair cut today. It was too risky to rip out the page, I had no pen and paper so I am sharing with you what I remember. Sometimes this can be dangerous. This time I think I nailed it. Ive always enjoyed cooking or perhaps I should say steaming fish in parchment paper. All the ingredients blend together so nicely. It always feels so special to gently rip open the parchment to discover perfectly cooked fish surrounded by a delicious assortment of flavors.

  • 1/3 cup of Sake

  • 1 1/2 Tb soy sauce

  • 1 ts grated ginger

  • 1 ts sugar

  • 4 6oz pieces of sea bass

  • 1/2 cup sliced scallions

  • salt and pepper

Heat over to 400. Mix sake, soy sauce, ginger and sugar together. Prepare 4 12x15 pieces of parchment paper. Place a piece of fish in the middle of the parchment paper. Season with salt and pepper. Distribute sauce evenly by drizzling on top of fish. Sprinkle with scallions. Tie corners of parchment together with kitchen string, creating a nice little package. Maybe not quite as nice as something you would leave under the tree, but have fun with it. Cook approximately 12 minutes, remove from oven. Let rest for a minute, tear open and enjoy.


  1. Hello Figtree,st

    This seems really healthy, but the asian twist must be the best. I think the sauce could also work with chicken breast.

    Reading your profile I can see we have a lot in common. :)

    Have a nice day!

  2. Waw,....looks really delicious! i love those flavours beautifully combined!! yummie food!

  3. Parchment paper for baking the fish .. must be something like money pocket in Chinese dimsum. Great recipe. Thanks for posting

    Jun @

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